ARCHIVE / Kataklysm


Kataklysm - Death Metal the Franco-Canadian way

For more than 15 years literally no death metal fan in the world has been able to get around this four-piece band and folks, who have never heard about the term “Northern Hyperblast” or songs like “Shadows And Dust” and “Ambassador Of Pain” should be kicked out of the death metal community immediately!

KATAKLYSM from Montréal, Québec/Canada, will provide you with a lesson in how contemporary, massive and technical death metal is supposed to sound nowadays - and their latest studio record “Waiting For The End To Come” serves as a excellent proof for their standing! The name of the band is construed from the greek word Kataklysmus, that the band describes as a “monomentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition; (...) the end of the world as we know it.” Well, we don’t know if the whole world is about to go down during their show, but we are sure that KATAKLYSM will bring armageddon to Tolmin. Beg for salvation and wait for the end to come!




Maurizio Iacono - vocals
Jean Francois “JF” Dagenais - guitar
Stéphane Barbe - bass
Oli Beaudoin - drums
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