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Behemoth - Messe Noire at Metaldays

Blow your trumpets, Tolmin, and brace yourself for the inferno that will haunt your postcard idyll in coming July. A monolith of extreme metal, a giant beast of musical mayhem is coming to town to bring darkness and destruction over the lovely valley of Soca and to destroy all unworthy forms of life at Metaldays.

Well okay, it probably will not be that violent, but this description gives a rough estimation of the chaos that BEHEMOTH will unleash live on stage! There aren’t many bands that need as little introduction as this group from Poland and probably no extreme metal head in the world these days is able to live his everyday life without getting in touch with them. Many of their albums are considered masterpieces in death and black metal and not even the involuntary break a few years ago or the countless public controversies around the band were able to damage this standing - au contraire! The latest record “The Satanist” shows BEHEMOTH as strong as ever and with an ace like this in the hole, they surely will turn bright day into apocalyptic night at Metaldays 2015!

BEHEMOTH: We hail your return!




Adam Michal “Nergal” Darski - guitars | vocals
Tomasz “Orion” Wróblewski - bass
Zbigniew Robert “Inferno” Prominski - drums
Patryk Dominik “Seth” Sztyber - guitars
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