ARCHIVE / Avatar


Avatar - carnival procession towards the apocalypse

Circus freakshow meets Rob Zombie meets morbid clownery meets modern metal! Confused? Good... and besides completely understandable, because this probably is how Avatar will leave you behind after you gave them a first listen.

Descending from Gothenburg, Sweden, these guys practice their very own kind of modern and melodic death metal that differs pretty much from what people are used to from the traditional Gothenburg style. Combining elements of industrial metal with stomping drum beats and catchy hooklines, the music of Avatar reminds more of modern metal of north american character. And by adding a pinch of morbid circus craziness, the band creates a soundtrack for facing the upcoming apocalypse: With a baseball bat in your hand, holding a black flag to the sky and wearing a maniac grin on your face... ALL HAIL THE APOCALYPSE!




Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerström - vocals
John Alfredsson - drums
Kungen - guitar
Tim Öhrström - guitar
Henrik Sandelin - bass

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