ARCHIVE / Sacred Steel


Sacred Steel - beware of their wielding swords of steel

At the end of the nineties, in really hard times for heavy metal, Sacred Steel pulled out their swords. Joey DeMaio was shaking at his knees and David DeFeis was probably wondering what those guys from Ludwigsburg were up to.

 The metal warriors, led by Gerrit P. Mutz, followed their principles seriously and stayed true to heavy metal even after eight albums. "Swords will cut here, blood will run knee deep[a]". Did Simon Gregorčič (Slovenian poet) in his poem Soči (To Soča) meant World War I or Sacred Steel dealing with posers?




Gerrit Mutz - vocals
Jonas Khalil - guitar
Jens Sonnenberg - guitar
Kai Schindelar - bass
Mathias Straub - drums

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