ARCHIVE / Rotting Christ


Rotting Christ - Kata ton Daimon eaytoy - Do what thou wilt!

It is an honor for us to welcome this eminent band at Metaldays festival 2015. Rotting Christ fulfilled their first 25 years of continuous improvement, development and unladen expression in the vast fields of extreme metal.

Rotting Christ are the pioneers of Hellenic black metal, but they have bravely and resolutely sailed through various genres such as gothic or folk on their eleven albums. "Kata ton Daimon eaytoy" or “do what thou wilt”. Some of us have already decided that we will not miss Rotting Christ show on Metaldays!




Themis Tolis - drums
Sakis Tolis - guitar | vocals
Vagelis Karzis - bass
George Emmanuel - guitar

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