ARCHIVE / Moonspell


Moonspell - Iberian wolves in the slovenian mountains

For more than 20 years, Moonspell have been around holding up high the banner of Portuguese metal in the world. As one of the very few bands from the Iberian peninsular they were able to be an essential part in shaping a whole metal genre - in this case the genre of gothic metal - while developing their music and establishing a very own and unique style. 

This process made Moonspell a hotbed of constant musical innovation and contributed to their transformation from the gothic metal of the 90s to a darker and more extreme sound since the 2000s. This change becomes especially notable when comparing older records like their masterpiece “Wolfheart” (1995) to records like “Memorial” (2006) and the latest output “Alpha Noir/Omega White” (2012).
We’re looking forward, for what the band around singer Fernando Ribeiro will be offering to us in the near future, but at first we will enjoy them at Tolmin in 2015!




Miguel Gaspar - drums
Pedro Paixão -  keyboards | guitars
Fernando Ribeiro - vocals
Ricardo Amorim - guitars
Aires Pereira - bass

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