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Death Angel - Family trip to Tolmin

“Thrashers”! Any more words necessary? If one band in the big world of metal deserves this label, it’s probably this five-piece group from California. Founded in the early 80s by a bunch of teenaged metal maniac cousins, Death Angel quickly became one of the best known acts of the legendary Bay Area Thrash Metal Scene. 

After their first demo “Kill As One” in 1986, the debut album “The Ultra-Violence” (drummer Andy was 14 (!) years old when the album was recorded) marked the beginning of their astonishing career in 1987, delivering a full-frontal assault on the ears. Their third album “Act III” from 1990 pushed the limits of the whole Thrash Metal genre to a new level and is supposed to be an essential part of every metalhead’s album collection!
And even after a 30 years career, the band does not even think about retiring. Welcoming two new band members, the latest studio record “The Dream Calls for Blood” from 2013 presents the band as strong as ever. If you doubt that...let yourself be thrashed at Metaldays 2015!




Rob Cavestany - guitar
Mark Osegueda - vocals
Ted Aguilar - guitar
Damien Sisson - bass
Will Carroll - drums

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