ARCHIVE / 3 Dev Adam / Three Mighty Men


3 Dev Adam / Three Mighty Men - It’s’s just ridiculous...A must-see!

The Mexican hero Santo and the American legend Captain America versus the evil Spiderman. Yes, you have read it correctly. In Turkey superheroes are redefined...


Spiderman is an evil villain, who wants to take over the world in a cruel and brutal manner. Only Santo and Captain America, who sometimes change into their superhero alter egos in the middle of the street, if necessary, can stop him now. You will be blown away by the superhero costumes, especially by Spiderman’s. This ultimate battle between good and evil features gallons of blood, numerous fight scenes, nudity, soft-core sex and a few stolen themes from American soundtracks. In short, bizarre at its peak, a legendary exploitation trash-film. After seeing the film, you will forget the originals.



Directed by: T. Fikret Uçak
Written by:: Dogan Tamer
Produced by: Ridvan Tual
Cinematography: Orhan Kapki
Film Editing: Hüsamettin Üren
Music (non original): John Barry
Cast: Aytekin Akkaya, Deniz Erkanat, Yavuz Selekman, Teyfik Sen, Dogan Tamer, Mine Sun, Altan Günbay, Ersun Kazançel, Hasan Ceylan, Osman Han, Aysen Taskin
Distribution: Onar Films

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