ARCHIVE / Space Unicorn On Fire


Space Unicorn On Fire - Ever ridden an unicorn? will be a pretty hot ride, because Space Unicorn On Fire will take you on a journey, arouse you from your daydreams and let you take part in their wildest ideas. No matter if you are surfing on sharks, flying through space on a pig or go bowling with a bunch of ducks... wait, my imagination just went out of control... One dose of burning outer space unicorn will bring relief. They have their own genre as well. And fun, that's the important part! Don't miss them ;)


Rok 'Tavta' Tavčar - Lead vocals
Matej Osredkar - Guitars
Matjaž Ličar - Keyboards
Miha 'Obleey' Oblišar - Bass, backing vocals
Tilen Zakrajšek - Drums
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