ARCHIVE / Alpha Tiger


Alpha Tiger - heavy metal, soaked in young blood

Imagine this: you managed to keep your eyes closed for the whole gig (the mosh-pit was a whole lotta fun), can't believe you just heard one of the best traditional heavy metal concerts, then opened your eyes and see that these guys look way too young to reach this state of professionalism and quality. Well, they know what sounds good, that is for sure! Already rocking club stages all over Europe or as opening act for W.A.S.P. – Alpha Tiger are one of the most popular German newcomer bands that are rising from the underground. This is heavy metal at its finest – soaked in young blood!


Stephan Dietrich - Vocals
Peter Langforth - Guitar
Dirk Frei - Bass
Alexander Backasch - Guitar
David Schleif - Drums
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