ARCHIVE / Roxin Palace


Roxin Palace - Sleaze Baby!

You might think about long hair, crappy make-up, tight pants and armies of keen ladies, running after the lead-singer when you hear about Sleaze Metal, but sometimes it's just different... Straight out of the vivid Italian rockscene, five full-blooded men rise up to follow their passion: making music!
Getting married? Having kids? Screw that! ROXIN' PALACE are here to celebrate Sleaze Metal! Looking forward and not backwards is one of the biggest characteristics they have – they are making old-style music in a modern way.
Watch out for the glamour at the METALDAYS 2014 and you will find one truly awesome band: ROXIN' PALACE!


Alessandro Corona - Guitar
Elvis Ortolan – Drums
Emanuele della Schiava – Guitar
Enos Zuliani – Bass
Axel Lessio – Vocals
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