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Possessed - Seven Churches on vinyl or die!

Open an encyclopedia and find the keyword “cult”. If there is no Possessed photo there, burn the book without hesitation! Possessed are the godfathers of extreme metal and their albums “Seven Churches” and “Beyond The Gates” are classics of the genre. In the eighties, Possessed were extreme, but not just for the sake of it. They didn't just play faster and louder, they incorporated both complex and mature ideas into their music. Don't believe us? Then believe to Chuck Schuldiner, who found inspiration for his music in early Possessed demo tape. Metaldays ticket 150€, beer 3€, to experience Possessed at an exclusive festival show – priceless!


Jeff Becerra - Vocals
Emilio Marquez - Drums
Daniel Gonzalez - Guitars
Robert Cardenas - Bass | Vocals (backing)
Mike Pardi - Guitars
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