ARCHIVE / Chain Of Dogs

(The Netherlands)

Chain Of Dogs - As if a Guinnes would punch you in the face

You know that? It’s Friday evening, you are still in the office, the beer is whispering the weirdest stuff in your ears, all your mates already hit your favourite Irish Pub ordering Guinness, and you can finally join them. If that is your current situation, this is the music you should listen to: Chain Of Dogs. Why? Imagine what it would sound like if Slayer got into a fight with Flogging Molly on stage and then decide to patch things up with a bottle of vodka. That’s how these crazy bastards from Holland handle things – and it’s pure fun to watch! Enjoy the energetic mix of folk, metal and punk in Tolmin – it’s a guaranteed recipe for a party on and in front of the stage.


Olaf Nijssen - vocals | mandoline
Arne Gerits - violin | flute | vocals
Samana Rikers - vocals | acoustic guitar | tin whistle
Kenneth Martens - drums
Tim Skerka - guitar | bass
Remy Maes - bass
Willem Timmer - guitar | backing vocals
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