ARCHIVE / Total Annihilation


Total Annihilation - put your hi-tops on and stretch your neck muscles

Get your sandals off, put your hi-tops on. Stretch your neck muscles. Ladies and gents, it is time to thrash! Ready? Go! Three, two, one, bang your head. Everybody, come on, bang your head! Bang your head, bang your head! Hey, you back there, put away your pizza and bang your head. And you on the left, stop brushing your teeth and join us. Bang your head, until Total Annihilation shatter you with their knife sharp riffs and run you over with their rhythm artillery. Get ready for total annihilation with Total Annihilation!


Daniel Altwegg - vocals
Tizian Blanc - drums
Nicolas Stelz - guitar
Ralph Kissling - bass
Schmiddle - guitar
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