ARCHIVE / Fallen Utopia


Fallen Utopia - is the four-dimensional bulldozer real?

Brothers and Sisters, do you remember the good old times, when Death Metal pumped you with adrenaline and made you feel like a four-dimensional bulldozer: slow, deep and ultra-heavy? Well, Fallen Utopia do, as it seems, and they do it with reckless abandon! Is this Death Metal? Yes! Is this Mosh? Yes for fuck’s sake!! Prepare for the perfect score for this intense scene: thousands of us turning into tanks, bulldozers, sumo-catchers, freight trains, ugly slobbering super heavy uber-monsters and the likes, to do the slam dance of our lives, brothers and sisters! Who’s with us?


Daniel Haslauer – Vocals
Benjamin Knes – Guitar
Lukas Wald – Guitar
Christopher Raunigg – Bass
Dominic Raunigg – Drums
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