ARCHIVE / Deadend In Venice


Deadend In Venice - compelling Death-Cocktail

No place like Venice! Water… Boats… Buildings… Birds… But this jewell of old days will die soon. Endangered by the rising sea level, Venice is fighting to survive and there is no escape. It’s just like listening to Deadend In Venice, you can’t flee from their sound and will get sucked into the unholy alliance of the powerful woman's voice from Annabell Klein that stands in contrast to the typical death metal growls of Christian Litzba. The sextet from Germany offer the perfect Melodic Death Metal cocktail with just the right splash of hard liquor, created in an own way of brewing. Get you holiday-drink in Tolmin, served with full metal-flavor! That will get you the best hangover you ever had!


Annabell Klein – Vocals
Christian Litzba – Growls
Tim Schmidtke – Guitar
Kevin Klein – Lead-Guitar
Steven Philipp – Bass
Frank Koppe – Drums
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