ARCHIVE / Scarab


Scarab - sun shines Egyptian above Tolmin

Egypt’s Death Metal band Scarab chose their name with consideration. Based on the ancient mytholigy it was a sign for rebirth. In that sense, the Scarab portrays the band’s ability to reinvent themselves, survive and rise over the obstacles of their path. Expressing the feelings and experiences with their music, the bands lyrical themes are mainly about spirituality, theories and philosophies in how they perceive the world around them and how to survive and deal with the chaotic human nature. Be shure to check them out on METALDAYS!



Sammy Sayed – vocals
Al Sharif Marzeban – guitar
Tarek Amr – guitar
Mohamed 'Bombest' El Sherbieny – bass
Hatem El Akkad – drums
Sherif Adel – keyboards
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