ARCHIVE / Turning Golem


Turning Golem - Metal meets theatre!

Stepping outside the given boundaries and striving for innovative ways to present a new experience to the fans. That's what great bands seek. That took place in Bergen, a more than beautiful town in Norway, where Vulture Industries and Happy Gorilla Dance Company teamed up to create Turning Golem. The outcome is a show, that will blast your ears off, while you are fascinated by the ludicrous events on stage. All songs are new comeposed to fit the unification and are inspired by the music of ancient sumerians – the oldest written music that has been found to date. These might be the best premises for an unique show in Tolmin! We, at the METALDAYS, are just as curious as you are!


Vulture Industries:
Øyvind Madsen - guitars
Eivind Huse - guitars
Tor Helge Gjengedal - drums
Kyrre Teigen - bass
Bjørnar E. Nilsen - vocals

Happy Gorilla Dance Company
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