ARCHIVE / Megadeth


Megadeth - ...So what!?!

You are the Chosen Ones to die in the Holy War, and if your Last Words are not the Countdown To your Extinction, you might as well Rust In Peace under the High Speed Dirt in the moshpit in front of the stage in Tolmin! Still alive? No worries, you will Wake Up Dead in your tent the next morning, after you screamed the Symphony of Destruction by the Skin of your teeth, mouth-hooked on each letter in F.R.E.E.D.O.M!!
Their guitars will be Sweating Bullets and every single one will hit, because, ya'll know... Killing and Business and stuff... And who want's peace anyway? I'm not buying! Let’s find pleasure in Dark Hours – maybe found a Dawn Patrol.


What else can we say? METALDAYS will be great in 2014, at least now you have finally realised it. See you in Hangar 18, fuckers ;)



Dave Mustaine – guitars | vocals
David Ellefson – bass
Chris Broderick – guitars
Shawn Drover – drums
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