ARCHIVE / XTRA Movie: Lee Hardcastle


XTRA Movie: Lee Hardcastle - Best of the god of clay and gore!

The movies we all love so so so much, remade, straightened to the point and reduced to pure fuckin' violence and gore! Better even: no real people or pets got dismembered here, because evershit is made from clay ;-)


Amongst others, he took care of EVIL DEAD, ERASERHEAD, THE EXORCIST, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOSTEL, TWILIGHT (LOL - named "BREAKING WIND", but you don't wanna know ...) and what not.


Lee Hardcastle is the Dr. Frankenstein of the movie industries – only he forms funny little frankenfilms instead of actual monsters, and he uses clay, pus and fake (at least that's what we think) blood instead of stinking, rotting body parts ...


When? 25.7. 23:15 - 00:45 on 2nd stage!



Wanna watch one of Lee's "claymations"? Let's see what happens, when Lee doesn't exactly remake a well-known movie, but acts as director AND writer in his very own, nasty way. Here we go:





Pink Clay - human skin

Red Clay - human blood

Gray Clay - human guts

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