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XTRA Movie: Terror Firmer / Živi teror - a 1999 Lloyd Kaufman classic!

A homicidal maniac is on the loose in the city and the low budget film crew on a Troma movie have the power to stop them. Please see IMDB for more info! Did you know that LEMMY himself is in this movie? You better not remind him :-)

Oh and the lord of dingelongding, owner of  most famous dingelongdingdong from back then, porn superstar RON JEREMY in the role of the father of the lead role – now "watch your teeth, honey!"


No shit, guys, this is one of Kaufman's finest so don't pass out on this hehe...


When? 23.7. 23:15-00:45 on 2nd stage!




ATTENTION SPOILERS (parents should read this):


A man's leg is amputated and he is beaten to death. A pregnant woman's unborn baby is torn from her womb and killed. A man has a large shelf of cereal pushed on him, crushing him to death. A man commits suicide with a revolver, causing brain matter to go all over the place. A man is kicked in the genitals. A frat boy has his brain scooped out and thrown in a frying pan full of cocaine. His dead body is found propped up on his bed. A woman's head is crushed by a crowd of people by accident. A man falls from a height after his fingers are chopped off with razor blades. An obese man is chopped up with a fire ax before being fed to an escalator. The killer peers through a window at a catatonic girl and makes stabbing motions at her while her father's teaching her how to talk again. A man in a cow costume's meal is poisoned, killing him. A black man's head is fried by a stage light that falls on him from above. A man who's holding his picture and making racial slurs about him is split in half at the waist by two semi trucks. Two french men pick up the killer and begin to tell her about the graphic sex acts they are going to perform on her. In response, she pukes on both of them which causes them to puke on one another. They then crash the car into a nude fat man and the killer escapes the crash unscathed before the car explodes, killing the two men in the car and the man they ran over(who's upper head has already been crushed by the wheel). The killer takes a twin-barreled shotgun and blows apart a topless woman's silicone breasts. A ventriloquist is killed when his hand is chopped off and nailed to the wall, his penis is stretched out across the room, and castrated. A captive man is fed his own penis. A man is stabbed in the side of the head with a butcher knife and is later seen bandaged up with a headache. A blind man is blown up while trying to save a crowd of people from a ticking bomb. The killer is covered with everclear and set aflame. He is then impaled through the nether regions with a boom pole.


Sweden:15 / USA:R / USA:Unrated (director's cut) / Australia:R / Finland:K-18 / Iceland:16 / Italy:VM18 / Canada:18+ (Quebec)




Stupid film crew - their own blood, pus and guts

Serial killer - the other's blood, pus and guts

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