ARCHIVE / XTRA Movie: Tarkan Viking kani / Tarkan vs the Vikings


XTRA Movie: Tarkan Viking kani / Tarkan vs the Vikings - TUR 1971 by Mehmet Aslan

TARKAN VERSUS THE VIKINGS features a mustached villain, who is the leader of a Viking clan that worships an octopus god-monster. The Vikings wish to kidnap a beautiful girl to sacrifice her... See full summary at IMDB


When? 22.7. 23:15-00:45 on 2nd stage!




8/10 Review written by user Sven:


"I really didn't know what to expect from this 1971 Turkish cult-classic at first, and I knew the only way to find out what it was like was by seeing it. So I put the disc in my DVD player and relaxed. I was in for one and a half hour of pure entertainment! This movie doesn't hold back on anything; it's violent, funny and full of adventure. You get Turkish vikings in funny suits and wigs, your get a fearless hero (Tarkan) with a loyal dog, you get violence, nudity and much, much more. So what was the movie about? Well, let me quote Mondo Macabro (who we are to thank for an outstanding DVD release of this very rare piece of Turkish film-history); "Tarkan is a Conan-style hero, who roams the plains with his faithful dog Kurt. Here he comes up against a band of vicious Vikings, who take great pleasure in sacrificing nubile maidens to a hungry octopus!" Need I say more? This is a must see for every fan of pop-cinema, comic-like adventures and great heroes!"




Tarkan - tinfoil sword

Vikings - swords made of even crappier tinfoil!

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