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Calderah - hardcore brain drill

We never stop our search for fresh blood. This time, we took a look around in Austria and found CALDERAH, the winners of the Metalchamp battle. These energetic youngsters, who like to define their music as hardcore metal / rock, will undoubtedly convince you of their prowess with their powerful performance that cuts straight into the brain. Check them out at METALDAYS 2013!

Calderah is an energetic Hardcore Metal Rock band from Austria. The Band was formed in 2006. After some early shows and band member obscurities a sort of magic triangle persisted. Riff checker Jakob, drum captain Basty and bass-face Orso shape this fundamental. Through a succession of riffs and consequential growing song material they picked out five numbers which was recorded within 3 days and named it “THE FIVE ELEMENT”.

In 2012 they have been promoting their new record and receiving very good reviews. They also started playing live shows and by the way they won the Austrian Metalchamp2013. If you need a powerful live performance straight into your mind Calderah invite you to come to their show.



Jacob – guitar | vocals
Orso – bass | vocals
Basty – drums | vocals
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