ARCHIVE / Eternal Deformity

(United Kingdom)

Eternal Deformity - confirmed for Metaldays!

Eternal Deformity originated in 1993 as a mere doom metal band, they have released four records indipendently: "Forgotten Distant Time" (1994), "Nothing Lasts Forever" (1998), "In The Abyss Of Dreams... Furious Memories" (2000), "The Serpent Design" (2002)...


... The band then signed a 3 albums deal with code666 during 2007 to make the next step up in terms of songwriting, production, artwork and the outcome was a Stellar new album titled „Frozen Circus“, where Progressive, Gothic, Avantgarde, Doom and Extreme Metal are melted together, like in a Twisted Metal Circus. Now 4 years passed and the band is ready with a new Opus titled „The Beauty of Chaos“. Eternal Deformity took almost 20 years to develop their own personal style, improving step by step, day after day, album after album. The extraordinary result is The Beauty of Chaos, a record that strikes you right from the first listening and continues to surprise and move you every time you want to cross the threshold of its chilling, disturbing, chaotic universe...



Przemyslaw Smyczek - lead guitar
Tymoteusz Ciastko - drums
Arkadiusz Szymus - rhythm guitar
Piotr Rokosz - keyboard | vocals
Przemyslaw Kajnat - bass | vocals
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