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Blaakyum was born in the summer of 1995, by 1997 it took its music more seriously and evolved into a Heavy/Doom Metal band and won the Battle of the Bands in Mariot Hotel, and gathered a faithful following. The Band then released its highly acclaimed single "Am I Black" in 1998, a song that reached many beyond Blaakyum's expectations and knowledge.

Blaakyum’s last performance before splitting was at the first Rock Nation 2001,in front of a wide audience of around 2500 attendees who knew “Am I Black” by heart and were singing along. Shortly after that the band split.

Seven years later Bassem Deaibess (Original Founder) reformed the band with a completely new line up. By the end of 2007 Blaakyum had won the Lebanese Nationals in the GBOB (Global Battle Of the Bands) and represented Lebanon in London, being the only Middle Eastern and the only Metal band in the competition, it was satisfying that they ended in the 7th place out of all the 3000 bands who participated in the GBOB and the 35 finalist bands.

Fate had it that Blaakyum performed in the last Rock Nation festival in 2008, which proved to be a difficult year for the band that went through another line-up change which led to the current line-up at the beginning of 2009. One week later Blaakyum opened up for Lake Of Tears in Jounieh, Lebanon.

By that time Blaakyum had entered the studio to record their debut album but due to the major line-up change, and the lack of budget the recording process was halted for 3 years.

Finally Blaakyum entered the studio in summer 2011 and released their debut album “Lord Of The Night” on Friday the 13th of January 2012 in Lebanon.

The album received critical acclaim by the underground press, middle-eastern webzines and later on spread towards Europe and USA.

Blaakyum entered Roadrunner Records’ Sign Me To top 100 weekly metal chart at number 1 on the 31st of January 2012, and remained there for two consecutive weeks.



Bassem Deaibess - vocals | rhythm guitar
Rany Battikh - bass
Jad Feitrouni - drums
Rabih Deaibess - lead guitar

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