ArseA - confirmed for Metaldays!

The two winners of the 2nd Stage of last year`s Metalcamp, get the chance to open the Main Stage to present themselves to a bigger audience than on the 2nd Stage. One of them is an Italian one called "ArseA".
They stand for classic Thrash Metal and are active since 2006. We hope that you`ll check these guys out, because they will make you headbang and moshin` like there would be no tomorrow.



ArseA was formed in 2006.
In July 2008, ArseA was chosen from among over 300 Italian bands to represent Italy at one of the largest metal festival in Europe, Metalcamp, held in Slovenia. In September 2008, ArseA played outside Rome at the concert of Brutal Truth + Cripple Bastards.
In December 2008, ArseA performed abroad again, this time in Budapest, at Nu Metal Community Vol. 2, where they were very well received. In January 2009 they played two gigs in Italy with O.D. SAXON.
In July 2010, ArseA came back to METALCAMP 2010 for playing another one of the big festivals in Europe, Magic Circle Festival IV.
Actually ArseA are working of a new album.



Matteo Peluffo - vocals
Enrico Fucci - lead guitar
Alessio Di Clementi - rythm guitar
Giorgio Piermattei - bass
Riccardo Curti - drums
Ivan Fusco - Keys
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