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Inverted Pussyfix - confirmed for Metaldays!

Inverted Pussyfix are experimental grind core, or pig porn grind death band from Split, Croatia. History of this band started on Autumn 2007.  Two guys, with more luck and will to create music than the brain, Djogani and Ticha wanted to form THE band, playing grindcore music.
Shilyo, Smogi and Krolo were asked if they would join this, soon planetary popular, group. They automatically said yes. After first  rehearsal, they decided to get one more guitar, and first and only choice was young, perspective, good lookin' Toni Bumbak! first concert  was booked! it was held in Klub Kocka 23.5. 2008. After that concert, when all the members got sober, rehearsals continued...Future concerts  
all over Croatia and Slovenia, including Metalfest Croatia (where fans described them like on od the best 2nd stage bands) make them the most  inportant grindcore band in Croatia today. Be there to see them on Metaldays, because their live performance is completely madness.


Krolo - vocals
Djogo - vocals
Smogi - guitar
Bumbak - guitar
Tiča - bass
Shiljo - drums
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