ARCHIVE / Chained Pistons


Chained Pistons - confirmed for Metaldays!

The band was formed in the winter of 2009/2010 in Baška grapa, with intention of creating a rock / metal band. When the band first started there were five members - drums, bass, two guitars and vocals. During the first four months of existance, due to disagreements between the members, one of the two guitarists and, a little bit later after him the singer, were to leave. After the departure of the two the band continued with only one guitarist and the singer has been replaced with a new singer.
With the arrival of the new singer, the band formed its second cast and got a new push towards writing its own material. From the very beginning the band's goal was to create their own material, with participation of the band members, whether with lyrics or ideas for the music. For some time they were also working on covers. In 2011 the second singer left the band and the band found itself at rest for nearly half a year.

In the 2012 Miha Kranjc joined the band as the singer and Uroš Mrak as the second guitarist. The two gave the band a new push and the band went on with accelerated pace.

To gain more stage experience with live performance, the band started to perform at smaller concerts.


Miha Kranjc - vocals
Uroš Mrak - guitar
Vojko Krajnc - guitar
Matjaž Maver - bass
Gregor Bizjak - drums
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