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Within Destruction - confirmed for Metaldays!

Within Destruction is a death metal band from Jesenice, Slovenia. The beginnings of WD go back to year 2010 when Luka Vezzosi and Rok Rupnik decided to spread the sickness across their pestilent hometown.
After a couple of months and some songs written Ervin Bešic joined on guitar and others members as well, but they left the band during its rapid evolution. After a few months Matjaž Muhic joined the band as the second guitarist and soon after his arrival the 1st video Cardiomypathy was made and live performances across the whole Slovenia were played.

Within Destruction stepped into the studio in Fall 2011 to record the debut album "From the Depths". The recording process was ended in Spring 2012. Meanwhile two more changes were made on the bass which led to our current bassist Janez Skumavc. WD got signed to an Austrian label Noiseheadrecords which released their debut on 15th September 2012. "From The Depths" is a superior Blood-anthem against the laws of this miserable so called decaying world and it is a portal to the Death's womb.


Rok Rupnik - vocals
Ervin Bešic - guitar
Matjaž Muhic - guitar
Janez Skumavc - bass
Luka Vezzosi - drums
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