ARCHIVE / Last Day Here


Last Day Here - confirmed for Metaldays!

LastDayHere is not the end, it's just a new beginnning. That's how we guys express our music. For us every gig is as important as if it was the last, which is in accordance to the our name based on the saying "live every day as if it was your last". The result is a convincing and powerful live performance every time they hit the stage.

LastDayHere is a story about five individuals who love to create music. The band steps out of the stereotype perspective of modern rock. Well based instrumental parts are spiced up with amazing vocals, and can easily be enjoyed by even the most pretentious listener. Their music is outstanding, authentic and can especially be distinguished by its vocal parts, which is also true for their live performances.


Marko Duplisak - lead vocals
Uros Borsic - guitar | vocals
Jure Gorjanc - guitar
Tomi Senveter - bass | vocals
Saso Corso - drums
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