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Avicularia - confirmed for Metaldays!

Back in late 2003 when brothers Domagoj (guitar) and Debason (drums) formed Avicularia they had idea to play extreme metal mainly influenced by brutal bands like Cryptopsy, Immolation, Deicide, Death, Nile, Morbid Angel.
Heavy music is the core of Avicularia's sound but we always had our minds open to other music like classical, jazz, rock, ambient. So it came to us naturally to create our own style. Many people passed through band until first stabile lineup with Igor (guitar & vox) and Sergej (bass) composed and released eight track debut „Born to be vile“(2009). The album caught attention of metal community and got dozens of highly rated reviews from all over the world. After lineup changes in 2012 Avicularia decided to keep developing its own style into more complex thing, with more shocking turns. New single „In our hands“ will give you just the taste of what is the next album all about.


Darko Cosic Cos - vocals
Domagoj Lovric- guitar | vocals
Haris Hadzagic- guitar
Debason- drums
Sergej Simpraga- bass
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