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Infestus - A demonic mastermind is replacing Obscura

Infestus is the demon incarnate of mastermind Andras, who materializes his destructive visions through every instrument himself, through his voice and his hands – the very definition of a solo project. Materializing his very personal darkness, his outputs...

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Last call for MH Travel Coach ride to MetalDays

Dear fellow metalheads! In the upcoming days you will have your last chance of buying coach transfer tickets to MetalDays 2015, your favorite festival. The MH Travel coach travel ticket sale will end on Sunday, 5th of July at 10pm. So hurry up and get your ticket...

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Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench - instead of Broken Hope

There is no need to say much about Pungent Stench. During the dirty early days of the European death metal-scene, they have been known as THE pioneers of Austrian death besides Disastrous Murmur and Disharmonic Orchestra. Since 2013, bandleader Martin "El Cochino"...

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Hofer and MetalDays

Since we always want just the best for visitors of our festival and because quality matters to us, we have decided to cooperate with Hofer, one of the biggest brands in the field, for our official MetalDays shop in year 2015.

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Festival map available!

To make sure none of you gets lost during the MetalDays, we already provide you with the area map for MetalDays 2015.

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SiliuS - welcome the Metalchamp winner!

SiliuS is an Austrian thrash metal band founded in 2013. All the five members Ralf, Haui, Mex, Martin and Matthias come from the same heavy metal background, listening to bands such as Pantera or Metallica.

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Blitzkrieg - the Answer. The question? M.O.D...

The band's first single was released back in 1981, the self titled 'Blitzkrieg' which was also covered by Metallica, who still play this track live to this day. Over all the years, the band has been through uncountable line-up changes, leaving singer Brian Ross...

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Striker - Canadian thunder to strike Wehrmacht!

We’d like to introduce Striker with a quote from their latest campaign, it helps to understand with what we are dealing here: “Cloned back to life in the year 2085, Striker morphs into a giant robot to battle sentient keg monsters and save earth.”...

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July 2015, the beginning of your summer highlight, MetalDays: You arrive at the camping ground, tired of the long journey, lusting for a cold beer and a rest in the sun – there’s just one problem. You still have to pitch your tent!

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»Colors in hell«

METAL FANS, join us with painting!    On Tuesday 21.7.2015 you can join us on the “MetalDays beach”, where we can create a colorful hell on white and black canvases. Ten selected works of yours will be exposed in shop windows of the old...

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