• Camp opens on Wednesday, 19.7.2017 at 08:00

• Camp closes on Saturday, 29.7.2017 at 15:00

Camping is available to festival guests free of charge from Sunday, 23.7.2017 but is a subject to possession of a valid festival-ticket!

Camping & parking areas are divided in 2 different sections:

1. parking & camping areas

2. camping only

At the festival camping we are having “silent hours” from 03.00 to 09.00, when the campsite area has to be quiet and without any music. Please keep your voices down and mind your friends and neighbours, who are trying to get some rest. Obeying this very strict rule of “silent hours” as written above is mandatory; so we have to remind you that anyone who will try to disobey this very strict rule, will be removed from a festival area with revoked access, without any further explanation.

Camping is at one's own risk, festival promoter accepts no responsibility in any case!

  • CAMPING WITH 3-day & 1-day TICKETS 

Included in the ticket price, but possible only until the next morning after the validity of the ticket until 11:00. Camping area has to be cleared until 11:00!


We are offering you the advanced group camping booking for minimum 20 persons per group. Contact: With applying, please provide the following details in an e-mail: tent size (3 or 4 + persons), number of cars (vans, campers, motorbikes,...), number of people in application (min.20 people) and - festival ticket details (either ticket number or Order ID number). 

Group camping reservation is possible until 15.6.2017! 

Please note, we will keep your group campground reserved only until Saturday, 22.7.2017, till 23.59. After that time it will be open to all guests.



Early arrival to the festival area is available from:

Wednesday, 19.7.2017 and Thursday, 20.7.2017, from 08.00 to 22.00

Friday, 21.7.2017 from 08.00 till Saturday, 22.7.2017, to 23.59 (24/7)


Early arrival is a subject to Early arrival fee as follows : 

• from Wednesday, 19.7.2017: 30€ 

• from Friday, 21.7.2017: 20€ 

• from Saturday, 22.7.2017, from 23:59 is free for festival guests, with possession of a valid festival ticket!


Please note, that we do not guarantee full production in the time of Early arrival. There will be probably toilets and showers available, maybe even some food points but : 

• there will be still production works going on around the festival area

• there will be less security personnel on site, 

• there will be no First aid team available on festival area, neither will there be any lifeguards on the beach or near the river area.

Please also note, that those of you, who will arrive to the festival early and buy yourself an Early arrival ticket, can not reserve camping grounds for your friends, who are planning to arrive after Early arrival time! We will remove all tapes or any signs of reserved camping space whatsoever.



My tent has already been pitched!


Next round for a partnership which you might make use of: A big "Hello!" to our friends of mein-zelt-steht-schon (EN: my-tent-standing-already) and their useful services!

Tents brought to you by

You don't have your own tent at hand or you don't even own one? You're not keen on carrying or pitching all the camping equipment by yourself, wanna just party instead? Then you will love to be in good hands of the crew of mein-zelt-steht-schon!


Not only do they have tents and other camping accessories for rent, but they're also transporting and even assembling this stuff for you!

Now how awesome is that?

You could just arrive at the METALDAYS, move into the tent and start partying! Better than you messing around with poles and stakes, the rubber hammer and the damn thing, that looks more like a flabby parachute than like a tent, when you pull it out of it's bag - isn't it? If you can agree to this, then is your answer. Cheers to that!



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