Additional festival & Beach program

MetalDays festival additional activities & Beach program 2017

Dear friends, besides amazing line up, those who are visiting us regularly already know, that MetalDays is so much more than just music. This year will be no different, as we have prepared plenty of additional activities at MetalDays, where you can enjoy, relax, dance, do your yoga, have fun and most of all - party!



Below is a list of activities, schedule and description. We believe, each and everyone of you will find something for himself/herself.





Beach activities Schedule





Stretch your limbs after a hard night of intensive moshing. International Yoga teacher Ana Devayani Kersnik Žvab will guide you through different asanas to start your day fresh and relaxed. Metal Devayani Yoga is not just a vinyasa class: you will move and breathe while listening to your favorite bands, raise your metal mantras and most importantly have some fun during your practice. The class is open and it is appropriate for all levels. Namaste.



Red-neck Massage

Are you experiencing back pain? Dizziness, Kerry King hairstyle? Have you ever sufferd from moshing the morning after? Blisterss from circle pit? Do you have nipple mustaches? If you're experiencing all, some or none of this symptoms you should ask your doctor about redneck massage. Tests have shown that redneck massage reduces stress, hangover, mosquito bites and aspirin consumption, while significantly increases band merch ownership. All you need is a friend to come with and most useful thing in the universe – a towel.




Saterra is energy balancing technique, based on different postures which harmonize the energetic body and unblock the chakras. Spiritual metalheads will enjoy morning gatherings with extreme metal music which creates the perfect vibrational atmosphere for practicing this technique.
You will practice with Simona, energy healing practitioner and sociologist of culture, who is studying the healing vibrations of extreme metal music.



METALZA® - Fitness for Metalheads
Move your body, kick & punch and bang your head with instructor Susanne.
After the great success last year we’re glad to offer the dynamic and powerful fitness-workout again as a part of our beachbar-activities.
The name is program: METALZA is more than a simple workout – it’s a sporting metal-event!  METALZA combines martial arts and dance with headbanging to metal songs. Coach Susanne heats up with lots of new performances to keep the fun and activate you. 

Try out and infect you with the special METALZA-feeling!




Daily Special Events & MetalDays Beach Stream

We have prepared brutaly special events which will occur once a day on daily basis. More to be announced on site, when the events will took place. Stay around beach bar at 11:30 and be suprised!




Bondage Workshop

Have you ever dreamt, being tied up by your partner or a friend? On this year's Metaldays, you will have the opportunity to live that dream and learn a lot about bondage.
Andrea Ropes is an italian rigger based in Modena with over a decade of experience in japanese rope bondage (aka shibari or kinbaku) Since early 2015 he became professional and he is often traveling around Italy and Europe performing and teaching workshop. 

He discovered shibari after he stumbled across a photo of it, and found himself instantly captivated.  He began to pursue it as a form of art, initially teaching himself the techniques, and later attending lessons with teachers such as Kanna Nawashi, Haruki Yukimura, Hajime Kinoko, Bob Ropemarks, Otonawa, Bingo Shigonawa, etc.  He is very active in the international rope scene as a freelance performer and educator.



Colors in Hell

Monday, 25.7. – »1st world war, soča battle front theme painting«
Tuesday, 26.7. – Free and brütal drawing & painting
Wednesday, 27.7. – Model painting »metal mermaid«
Thursday, 28,7. – Stone balancing, Landscaping, Mosaic
Friday, 29.7. – Having a couple of beers and talk


Topless Volleyball/Badminton
For all of those, who love classic beach games, but also want to add a little bit spice on it. Sacrifice your superfluous clothes to summer hotness.


Drunken Giant Twister

Wooden Jenga and beer pong (Drinking games)





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